About Seña y Verbo’s Touring experience


We have toured different countries like: China, USA, Sweden, Spain, Germany, France and Colombia. Our experiences touring have been as diverse as these countries, and giving the fact that our shows are designed to be viewed by all audiences, multi cultural as well as deaf an hearing, the feedback has always been nurturing and heartwarming.

About the audience “Music for your eyes” is aimed to

Enjoyed by people of all ages, this play takes us to new worlds and fascinating stories, all without the use of spoken language. It needs no translation since it uses the language of mime along with some of the most beautiful music ever composed

About the community engagement activities carried out by Seña y Verbo

Reaching out to the community has been a part of our work from the very beginning of the company 26 years ago. We give workshops to groups of people of all ages from preschool kids to teenagers and adults, getting them close to the world of the deaf in a fun and playfull way.

US Tour Requirements


Music For Your Eyes

“Music for your eyes” was born from the dialogue between two worlds: the world of the silent images of the deaf and the seemingly intangible world of music, joined in a common language, the theater. As if it were a small chamber orchestra, three deaf actors and a hearing director interpret four small stories inspired by music from some of the greatest composers of all times: Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven and Mendelssohn.The actors, trough the director, strike up a conversation with the music, a dialogue that could seem impossible but that manages to translate the essence of the musical language into the language of images and puppetry. Aimed at children between 3 and 5 but enjoyed by the whole family, this play takes us to new worlds and fascinating stories, all without the use of spoken language.

About the technical requirements for “Music for your eyes”


- Frontal Stage

- Ideal dimensions 13 x 9 meters, (minimal dimensions 10 x 8 meters)

- Minimum height from floor to lights grid 6 meters

- Counterweighted bars

- Black or dark floor

- Black box


- 14 lekos 750 watts

- 11 fresnel 1000 watts

- 10 PAR 64


- 16 channel console with RCA input

- Miniplug output from booth


- Minimum 5000 lumen video projector (preferably BenQ)

- VGA cable from stage to booth

Touring Team

A total of 8 people:


Eduardo Domínguez

Roberto De Loera

Socorro Casillas

Director / Actor:

Sergio Bátiz


Brenda Guerrero

Lighting designer:

Jesús Jiménez

Sign Language interpreter:

Antonio Zacruz


Mariol Arias


Costumes, puppets and props can travel as the company members luggage

- 3 plastic trunks 70 x 40 x 50 centimeter, containing costumes, puppets and props

- 4 music stands 60 x 30 x 140 centimeter

Ground transportation: 1 van with capacity for 8 passengers and a 2 x 1 meters trunk

Air transportation: Costumes, puppets and props are sent as luggage. The four music stands will be provided by the venue

Setup time for scenery and lights: 8 hours.

Technicians required for setup and performing: 2 lights technician, 2 stage hand, 1 props stage hand, 1 sound technician.

The play can only be performed if these requirements are met.

Seña y Verbo, Video

Echa un vistazo a este increíble video

Music for the eyes, video.

Seña y Verbo

Music for the eyes

Echa un vistazo a este increíble video